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Woman: Speak Up Today, The World Is Waiting

Have you ever wondered who made the rules? What rules?

The rules that confirm women to be a second in almost all areas. Women have been segregated to being the second option in all but one place, home making. It gets worse in the African settings; some people go as far as saying their wife’s place is in the kitchen. This statement in particular made air on National TV by a President in the 21st century. Now imagine being in the same space in the society or workplace with these kinds of people. The location feels different but the oppressive thoughts are evergreen. 

From the popular saying, train a woman (girl), and you have trained a nation is a quote that holds no lies. Women have so much potential,  why hide it? Is it because society has naturally hidden women to be followers? Thank goodness for the current awareness created by several women which has placed values and encourages women to explore and build themselves away from the shadow.

Recently, a blogger of a lifestyle blog, DANG, shared her experience from working with some people. She said in her story that after the deal, she asked for her share which was 35%. After, she was asked what she wanted to use that much money to do as a woman. She said she was shocked when she heard the phrase. Trust what she did- she went after them with her lawyer. The 35% came up in no time.

Women have been so assertive and more of behind the scenes- an excerpts from smart money, it was analysed that most women tend to think twice before taking up positions in an organization because they feel they are inferior and believe they are more of a follower because of the low esteem they have been embedded with in the environment which feels like a norm. A very wrong norm.

When women speak, take up leadership positions, or other positions in society or organizations, they have potentials waiting to be discovered. How do women become more assertive,  outspoken, daring, active?

  • Be prepared 

Sometimes it is not about not knowing what to say, it is about being prepared. Preparation is a moral booster. Good preparation will always come through for you.

  • Make contributions at strategic period

Most times, it is not all about talking, it is about making reasonable contributions that will grab and leave thoughtful thoughts in the audience’s heart. Most times it’s more preferable at the beginning and end of a conversation. 

  • Speak, do not wander

When you let your mind wander around a certain topic without speaking when due, you tend to overthink which can drain all the confidence leaving little left.

  • Create your opening 

In a room filled with multitudes, no one will keep quiet waiting for you to talk except you are a keynote speaker. In a general conversation, speak up and create your opening when you feel it’s necessary.

  • Contribute meaningfully

It’s one thing to speak up, it’s another for it to be meaningful. When you intend to make contributions, ensure it is meaningful. If not, let your curiosity inspire you to do research with the intent to gather more information. You’ll be better prepared for future conversation. 

Women have more potential, all that is needed is for it to be let out and for the world to see it. Who said there is no longer space for new discoveries? There are a lot of things waiting to be discovered and talked about.

If a woman has a solution to any of these things in search of an answer, the first step is speaking out to be heard. If the mouth is kept shut in fear of what is not, no one will ever know your capabilities. 

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