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Facts for being a fashion designer in Africa

Fashion designer is the ability to Creates clothing and accessory designs for high-street fashion, ready-to- wear outlets and specialist markets such as haute couture. Fashion designers also make careers in a wide range of associated fashion and clothing areas that support the main fashion industry.


As a fashion designer you need to understand your niche area who will be your customers; young people, children, old people and what type of designs or products  you want to introduce. You must have focus; is it ready to wear?, cut and sow?, bag using local fabrics? etc. While you need to understand this is because there is competition in the industry, you need to find your purpose/vision to stand out among your colleagues in the field

Education and Tutoring

A fashion design career don’t require a college degree; however, some college courses in business, marketing is an added advantage but You’ll also need to learn how to use computer-aided design programs, which is often part of the curriculum in a fashion designing program. Many programs require sketches, design samples, portfolios or other concrete examples of your work. Art courses will aid in sharing your designs with others, and basic textiles training will expand your understanding of what fabrics will work best for your fashion designs work.

Mentor ship is one area in journey of life that is very important, even if you were born fashion designer you still need experience of others that are already in the industry.


Before you decide fashion design is the perfect job for you, learn more about the fashion industry.

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