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6 Staple Nigerian meals that beat foreign delicacies!

Sumptuous Nigerian meals!

Pizzas, hamburgers, chicken nuggets ‘n french fries and pastas like stir fries, Mac n cheese and spaghetti Bolognese are some of the most popular go-to meals in the world. At least 3 in every 10 Nigerians have consumed one of these foods frequently. Most Nigerians today even pick these meals over home cooked local dishes as their quick meals. But do you know there are Nigerian dishes that taste way better than these foreign foods? They are also more nutritious and are easy and also quick to cook!

Here are top easy to cook Nigerian delicacies!

1. Rice.

Rice is a famous go-to food for Nigerian meals. Lucky for your taste buds, it can be cooked in different varieties. You could cook it plainly to eat with tomato sauce (stew) or soup. For a more playful tune, you could boil your rice with milk or coconut shreds. Then for a pop of color and flavor, there’s jollof rice and fried rice. Click to get your recipes.

2. Garri

Cassava flakes, popularly referred to as garri, is a staple meal in most households. There are three different ways in which you can enjoy your garri. You could snack on it in its flaky form although not many people do that. Another way of enjoying your garri is by soaking it in cold water, mix it with sugar or honey to sweeten it and eat it with groundnut, cashew nuts, milk, fried fish or coconut. You can use all four for variety flavors too! The third way is by stirring in hot water until it thickens into a sticky dough called eba. You can eat eba with any type of Nigerian soups!

3. Yam

Just like garri and rice, there are different cooking methods you can experiment with. The fastest cooking method is boiling your yam slices in hot water with a bit of salt. Your boiled yam could be eaten with palm oil, stews, soups or fried eggs. Do you know your oiled yam can also be pounded into a dough? It is popularly called iyan and is eaten with all types of soups.You can also fry your yam into yam fries just lik potato fries. Just cut your yam into thin slices, soak in water for a little, mix in some seasoning and then fry in hot oil. Then there’s the yam porridge too! Here are the recipes for you to try.

4. Salad

Nigerian salad is a colorful appetizer that features a myriad of raw and cooked vegetables, beans, pasta, eggs, and a lot more. The vegetables typically include lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, cucumber, and corn, cassava processed abacha and so much more. The flavors would burst your taste buds! Try the recipe out.

5. Plantain

Plantain is probably the quickest meal to prepare! We have boli (grilled plantain) in Nigeria as a ready to eat snack. It is eaten with groundnut, fried fish or pepper sauce. Then there is dodo (fried plantain). This can be eaten with beef sauce or eggs. Get the recipe.

6. Beans

Beans is famously known in Nigeria as the meal that takes the most time to prepare. Don’t fret though, akara (beans cake) does not take as much time. To prepare beans cake, all you have to do is blend the beans, mix in your seasoning and then fry the mixture. Pretty fast now isn’t it? Moimoi (beans pudding) takes more time than beans cake . We blend the beans also to prepare the beans pudding and mix in our seasoning. But we boil the mixture in leaf wraps instead of frying. One thing to note is to blend your beans more smoothly for your beans pudding. For beans cake though, we need the blended beans to be thicker. Whether it is akara, moimoi or boiled beans, the tastes are different but all lovely delights. Pick your recipes.

Try out these fabulous Nigerian meals and let your taste buds thank you. Nigerian dishes are really mouthwatering if I do say so myself!

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